Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Conservative America dead?

Is Conservative America dead?  This great nation was founded on Biblical principles, personal responsibility and the idea of individuals providing for their own needs by hard work with occasional help from the church or community.   Our founding fathers, fearful of governmental tyranny, drafted the U.S. Constitution with the idea of a Republic consisting of individual states filled with self-reliant citizens and limited federal government.   Churches were active politically as pastors spoke from the pulpit regarding the issues of the day. "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -John Adams.   
Today the Supreme Court Justices believe that the U.S. Constitution is a “living breathing” document which allows them to make decisions based on the current social mores and the “enlightened” thinking of the day.  The truth is that the drafters of our Constitution wrote a timeless document.  In it, the rule of law does not change from generation to generation: it remains constant.  A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government. Alexander Hamilton
The Left controls every form of media today and every report is slanted to reflect Leftist ideals.  Anyone brave enough to speak out against the political correctness of the Left is labelled and ridiculed.  Today the Left enforces a no tolerance policy toward conservative thinking or conservative ideals. The Left managed to change America enough to re-elect a Marxist, socialist President.  A President with plans to change American by destroying free enterprise, adding nationalized health care and advancing the homosexual marriage rights.  American’s sold out the country by caring more for the color of the skin in the White house than the politics of the one they elected to the White House. These same ignorant citizens did not seem to care that the President does not believe in or follow the very Constitution he swore to defend and protect.  In fact, the American President has little regard for Patriotism or any American patriotic symbols (i.e. the flag). 
President Obama wants to “make life fair” for everyone and his “sharing the wealth” plan includes taking hard earned money from the so called wealthy ($250,000 per year) and giving it to the poor.  At the time the U.S. Constitution was drafted that action would have been considered stealing!  To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it. Thomas Jefferson
BIG Government is the Left’s agenda.  Their mantra is” let Big Government to take care of your needs: no more need for self-reliance.  You are not personally responsible for your actions something or someone else is (i.e. the gun is evil not the person holding it)”.. The church and the once vocal pastor have been silenced by the fear that the IRS will take away their 501(c)(3) rating.   Atheists have managed to remove most of the Christian heritage from the public square because it offends them and Muslims, while basking in America’s freedoms, want American’s way of life to change in order to suit their ideology of Islam. 
Time is running out.  The time is NOW for all conservative voices to be heard by the U.S. Congress. Conservatives have been too quiet for too long!.  Our 2nd Amendment right is being challenged by the White House and it will not be long before the move is made to try to silence our message by going after our 1st Amendment right of free speech!  Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. Thomas Jefferson
 Let your voice be heard NOW or someday you will lose the right to speak out at all!  Contact your U.S. Congress today!
Jan Baldon

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Second Amendment Rights

When was the last time you actually read the U.S. Constitution?  This timeless document was actually written to limit the Federal Government and protect the individual States and their citizenry from tyranny.  The Bill of Rights, often referred to as the list of don’ts, is part of that great document and appears as the first ten amendments to the Constitution.  Written to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government, the Bill of Rights assures that “We the People” stay citizens and NOT SUBJECTS of these United States of America.
As horrible and tragic as the Sandy Hook school shooting was, it was NOT the gun that killed, it was a tool used by an evil and disturbed mind.  Just as fire is a tool when used correctly, used in the hands of an arsonist it becomes deadly and destructive.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans own handguns; some for hunting and sport ,and some for protection.  The Second Amendment guarantees that “We the People” have the right to own guns.  Just as “We the People” are expected to be law abiding citizens; the guns owned by citizens are to be used for lawful purposes including self-defense.
If “We the People” allow government to take away even part of the Second Amendment, what is to prevent the government from tampering with the First Amendment and our freedom of speech? Such “adjustments” to our liberties sets a VERY DANGEROUS PRESIDENCE!  Unfortunately, what was a very tragic event in Newtown is being utilized to further the agenda of the left, Reid, Clinton and President Obama by providing the emotional fuel needed to push for gun control. Do not be fooled!   Obama’s attack on gun ownership by U.S. law abiding citizens is an all out attack on the U.S. Constitution; a violation of his oath of office, and a direct attack on the liberty of American citizens.  To be forced to be unarmed is to force citizens to become subjects of tyranny!
Jan Baldon

Friday, November 16, 2012

What Were They Thinking?

During the 2012 election President Obama told voters that they had a choice of two totally different points of views. That statement was the one truth of his campaign.   Obama could not run on his accomplishments of the past four year as there were none.  Therefore, he attacked the values and ideals of the Republican Party.
With nothing to offer the country, the Democrats ran a scare campaign.  Obama’s target: women, seniors and college students.  They bought the lies and re-elected him!  Obama’s campaign divided the country like no other.  He turned the poor against the rich; the blacks against the whites; and homosexuals, women and seniors against the Republican Party. 
The results of the 2012 election made it painfully clear that at least half of the country is ignorant of the direction Obama wants to take this country.  Half of country appears to be unconcerned about the fate of America’s economy and the fiscal cliff we face.  America is no longer the country it once was.  The morals and values of society (our under 40’s group) have changed.  Half of the country likes the idea of big government taking care of them along with the liberal, socialist view of spreading out the wealth by over taxing the rich.  This nation will parish because of ignorant citizens who are too busy and uninterested to stay informed of what is going on in Washington.   Obama was re-elected because he convinced the voters that Romney was a rich, white, bad guy.  What the voters failed to understand was Obama’s agenda:  making America into a socialist, liberal, European county.    Get ready for a very ugly, bumpy ride as his agenda unfolds and our individual liberties are destroyed over the next four years.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Devastating Election Results

Millions of Americans hoped and prayed that Romney would win the election.  He was not my first choice but he was my only hope to retain the America I love.  This was easily the most important election of my lifetime.  Millions of Americans thought that Romney was the only way to save the country financially and morally.  Well, the pollsters got it wrong.  Many Americans sat out the election not wanting either candidate and this only served to help re-elect Obama.   Needless to say the results were totally devastating to conservative, constitutional voters.
America has generations of young people who have not been taught the full truth of America’s History; our founding fathers dreams and ideals; and the U.S. Constitution and what it means to all Americans.     We are now reaping what was sowed in those hearts and minds.  These young voters were romanced by Obama’s promises of a better future.   American patriotism with love of country, flag and history and the U.S. Constitution is not realized by half of the citizens of this great land.   My proof: they re-elected a Socialist president with ideas of turning American into a second class European-style nation.  The fiscal cliff is near.  America faces a very serious financial and economic situation.  While Romney continued to point out that fact, the nation listened to Obama’s rhetoric about re-distribution of wealth, taxing the rich to give to those who have less and “saving” women’s right to abortion on demand paid for by taxpayers.  During his campaign Obama worked hard to divide Americans; poor versus rich, black versus white, legal citizens versus illegal.  Now that he has been –re-elected he has called all Americans to work together.  After all his lies and deceit that will be hard to accomplish.
Millions of Americans are VERY sad, angry at ignorant voters and DEEPLY concerned about the four more years of Obama’s inapt leadership.  I am one of those who is grieving for America’s future fearing what Obama will do to change America over the next four years.  How many of our freedoms will be lost over the next four years as Obama signs more United Nation treaties?  Yes, if Obama signs a foreign treaty it over-rides the U.S. Constitution.   If Obama cannot protect four Americans in Benghazi, how can he protect a vast country with no border control?
Jan Baldon

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bumpy Road Ahead

Fasten your seat belt – bumpy road ahead – next four years.  I do not want to sound like a defeated, fearful citizen; however, I am fully aware of the battles Conservatives will face during the next four years of Obama’s reign.  Americans have just come through four devastating years with the arrogant tyrant Obama. 

Today, Obama faces a sharply divided angry country. In his speech last night he claimed that he has heard Americans.  He realizes that we need to pull together.  Personally, I do not believe him as he ran a campaign dividing racial lines, the middle class and women.  He has spent the past four years blaming his problems on Bush.  Now it is time that Obama grows up and takes responsibility for his decisions or lack of decisions and his poor leadership ability. 

It was a wake-up call to me that half the country has been blinded by Obama’s lies, deceit and give away programs.  What a self-centered, selfish, apathetic country we have become!   Am I concerned about America’s future – you bet I am!  I hope I am wrong; unfortunately, I fear that the liberal socialist agenda will prevail.  How many of our freedoms will be gone at the end of 2015?

Some things to be prepared for in 2013:
ü  Same Sex Marriage pushed on States (endorsed by Democrats and Obama)
ü  Obamacare (will your doctor still be in practice in two years time)
ü  Loss of religious freedom to choose not to provide abortion coverage
ü  Employers dropping insurance coverage and paying the fine rather than providing coverage due to the high cost of providing Obamacare
ü  Increased national debt and the ruin of the US economy (full speed ahead for the fiscal cliff) 
ü  Drastic cutting of national support for Israel (this is the President who bankrolled and helped Egypt's election go to the Muslim Brotherhood candidate)
ü  Slashed Military (smallest army ever in force to protect American soil)
ü  Shaky national security (why not trust your life to the Obama who left four Americans to die in Benghazi while he went to bed)
ü  Muslim population increase in America - Muslim Brotherhood members in high U.S. government jobs (security risk, you think?)
ü  Czars - (wonder what they are for - I think we will see them in action this next four years)
ü  More U.N involvement in U.S. affairs and government with the loss of our U.S. Constitutional rights
Christians all across this land MUST be in prayer for the future of America. Conservatives MUST be informed and be in constant contact with our elected Congress.
Jan Baldon

Devastating Defeat

It is times like this that try men's souls.  After Romney's defeat last night I had to remind myself God is in control and His plan will not be thwarted.  Obama's re-election is what half of the country wanted or thought they wanted when they voted yesterday.  It is indeed a very sad time for Christian Conservative Constitutional Americans.  We lost a major battle if not our country last night.   After 40 days of prayer, God still allowed Obama to be re-elected.  With the advent of Obama's second term rough times are sure to face Americans; pray that during this time many will be brought to their knees seeking God. 

The America that voted for Obama last night is a far cry from the nation that God has blessed over the years.  Americans have become self-seeking, liberal, immoral and selfish citizens who look to the government to take care of them.

Pray for revival in America.  Then become an informed citizen who is committed to daily watch the issues facing Congress. Our work; writing, emailing and calling the Republican Congress, is going to be very important during the next four year.  Since the House is still controlled by the Republicans let them hear your voice loud and clear. 

Congress needs to continue the Benghazi investigation and hold Obama accountable for the murder of four Americans. Also, Obama needs to be held accountable for failing those in need as a result of Hurricane Sandy. 

Our hope needs to remain in God, not government or leaders.  America suffered a devastating defeat last night but God is still on the throne.  Be wise, keep fighting the good fight and be in prayer that God will thwart Obama’s socialist plans for this country.

Jan Baldon

Monday, October 29, 2012

LIes & Deceit

9/11/12- Benghazi,  Libya.  The White House knew that Al Qaeda was behind the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi within twelve hours of it happening.   What did the America’s President do upon learning of the “act of war” on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi?  Obama went to bed.  The following morning, 9/12/12 Obama addressed the nation from the Rose Garden stating that there had been an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi and four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens,  had been murdered.  Obama placed the blame, the “act of terror”, on Muslims reacting to a YouTube Video that insulted Mohammad.  A lie!  After lying to the American public, Obama hurried off to Las Vegas to campaign for his re-election.  It was not just one lie; Obama went on for more than two weeks telling the YouTube video lie.  He even included the lie 6 times in his U.N. assembly speech regarding the attack and murder of four Americans.  Obama’s Middle East foreign policy is in flames.  In order to cover for his inept ability at dealing with “an act of war” on American citizens, there is just deceit and lies.  What a clueless President!

Jan Baldon